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The Village

In the past General Kantardzhievo was a small village. It first appeared in a Turkish register in 1553 under the name Chavush named after a Turkish man who was in charge of the village.
There lived 58 families, 8 of which Greek, and the rest were Bulgarians forced to speak Turkish and adopt Islam, but they never did.
In 1838 some families emigrated to Besarabia, where they stayed for 2 years but the life there was even harder so they returned along with other Bulgarians. Families from Golitza, Kotel, Bitolsko settled in the village. In 1876 there were 86 households and 215 residents. In 1888 a church was built supervised by Unuz Tanas.
After World War 1 the village remained on Romanian territory. In 1936 a school was built with the help of the Romanian authorities. In 1942 when South Dobrudzha was given back to Bulgaria, the village was named General Kantardzhievo after General Kantardzhiev who liberated the village with his troops in 1916.
The church of the village ‘Ascension of Jesus’ is 121 years old.